With 25 years of precision service in the Medical industry, Advantage Converting brings an innovative approach to manufacturing medical components for specific applications in branches of medicine such as Oncology and Cardiology. Our adhesives, custom die cutting, and continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing capabilities help create bandages, wearable devices, and surgical tools that are managing health and saving lives today.

We use our expertise in die cutting, laminating, and specialty materials to solve challenges from engineering to full production. Our Clean Room Manufacturing capability and strict procedures allow us to ensure the highest quality for your most sensitive conversions.

Our medical converting applications include but are not limited to:

Skin Patches
Wound Dressing
Burn Dressing
Surgical Equipment
IV Site Care
Probe Shields
Sensors and Electrode Patches
Diagnostic Testing
Catheter Holders
Backing Cards
Reusable Components
Filtration Products
Lateral Flow Testing
Gaskets and Seals
Spacers and Washers
Foam Spacers
Drug Delivery

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