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  • From start to finish, Advantage Converting looks forward to working with you! When we put our creative minds together, there’s no telling what we can accomplish. We collaborate with you at every stage in our process, from engineering and prototyping all the way through to packaging and distribution.

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    Below, you’ll find our portfolio and some case studies describing the types of projects we can create together. If you have any questions about our work, please get in touch with us!

    Mammography Marker Patch

    Advantage Converting assisted in the development and production of a mammography marker patch for use by medical professionals. To create a low-trauma, low-irritation patch, we laminated multiple layers of pressure sensitive adhesives, membranes, and films for skin contact, then placed a metal marker in the center of the patch for X-Ray identification.

    Juice Delivery Pouch

    Moving into the consumer market, Advantage Converting assisted with the development and production of a juice delivery pouch for a new consumer product. To produce these liquid pouches, we heat-sealed and die cut film and mesh layers.

    Orbital Satellite Vibration Dampeners

    In the Aerospace industry, Advantage Converting helped develop and produce vibration dampeners for orbital satellites. To solve this challenge, we laminated multilayer viscoelastic damping polymers to customer specifications and then die-cut the dampeners.

    Electronic Device Insulating Layer

    Electronic Device Insulating Layer To help create an insulating layer for electronic devices, Advantage Converting laminated and die cut pressure sensitive adhesive and polyimide, while holding to a tight tolerance in order to fit customer specifications.

    Advanced Wound Care Dressing

    From initial R&D to full scale-production, Advantage Converting helped design, develop, and manufacture an advanced wound care dressing. Our solution was to thermally laminate super-absorbent materials and die cut various sized dressings.

    Solar Panel Films and Adhesives

    In the Alternative Energy industry, Advantage Converting helps produce solar panels by precision slitting back-sheet films and adhesives for market-tested units. We can use materials either provided by our customers or source those materials ourselves.