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Converting Services


Whether adding adhesive to a substrate, introducing a liner to a pressure sensitive product, or making a multi-laminated package, Advantage Converting’s unsurpassed laminating capabilities and skilled engineers can meet your laminating requirements every time.
Laminating services include:

  • Providing laminated parts in individual or multi-layer sheet form, or in rolls up to 76" wide
  • Producing thermal laminations using our state-of-the-art equipment to apply heat-activated or patterned adhesives, as well as to create thermal bonds
  • Manufacturing highly-sensitive laminations such as 3D screen development and photonics for industries
Any lamination need you have can be produced in a certified clean room environment.


Q: What is multi-layer laminating?

Multi-layer laminating is the process of bonding multiple layers of material together. This manufacturing process is used to improve the strength, stability, insulation, appearance, or other properties of the composite material.

Advantage Converting uses a variety of advanced laminating equipment and techniques that allows us to meet a wide range of specifications for size, shape, application, and volume needs. We can provide laminated parts in individual or multi-layer sheet form, or in rolls up to 76” wide.

Q: What materials can be laminated?

A variety of materials can be laminated. These materials include papers, films, foils, foams, adhesives, and nonwoven materials.

Advantage Converting can source the materials required for lamination through our extensive network of partners or laminate materials provided by the customer.

Q: When do I need multi-layer lamination?

Multi-layer lamination is used when a single layer of material lacks the physical performance properties required for an application. For example, plastic layers may be added to a composite material to achieve abrasion resistance and/or improve rigidity. Advantage Converting utilizes advanced equipment and techniques to perform heat assisted lamination and cold roll lamination, allowing us to meet all your multilayer lamination needs. Our experts can work with you to determine when multilayer lamination is beneficial to your application and recommend the best materials to meet your requirements.

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