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Converting Services for Green Energy

At Advantage Converting we believe in the future of alternative energy and are pleased to partner with dynamic energy companies that are pushing the frontier of clean and efficient energy solutions.
Advantage Converting offers the alternative energy industry a range of converting services, including slitting, laminating, and die cutting, as well as component manufacturing expertise. We apply our precision, quality, and attention to detail to help build a variety of projects, from cost and energy-efficient solar panels to batteries that supply clean energy solutions.


Q: Can Advantage Converting help us develop a brand new solution for the green energy market?

Yes, we love to collaborate with our clients and pride ourselves on solving manufacturing challenges so that our clients can bring innovative solutions to market. Our many years of experience in process development allows us the flexibility to improve designs, evolve specifications, test new materials, and develop new processing methods for proofs of concept, and scale to production volumes.

Q: Given supply chain volatility, how can Advantage Converting help us maintain a stable supply of materials to enable continuous production of our EV and solar products?

With a staff dedicated to managing inventory systems and relationships with raw materials suppliers, Advantage Converting can reliably procure, warehouse, and convert materials for large volume products regardless of disruptions to the supply chain. We ensure continuous production by leveraging our extensive network of raw material suppliers to build up safety stock, and our multiple facilities provide production redundancy.

Q: Can Advantage Converting maintain the surface quality of my material while providing tight tolerance processing?

Advantage Converting understands the importance of maintaining the surface quality and integrity of materials used in the manufacturing of green energy solutions. We can maintain the surface and edge quality of materials while meeting tolerances of ±.004″ for slitting and die cutting, often times even tighter. Or proprietary methods ensure a flat edge, thereby avoiding rippling that is especially common in foils. We also provide clean room manufacturing for materials that require environmental controls.

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