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Converting Services

Slitting & Rewinding

Advantage Converting is the recognized leader in precision slitting of pressure sensitive and non-pressure sensitive products.
Our highly experienced staff has the skills and procedures to tackle your most complex slitting and rewinding requirements. Depending on the material, we are capable of slitting as narrow as .5 mm and can slit as wide as 76”. Typical ID size rolls we slit are 1”, 3”, and 6”; however, we can do custom jobs with any size cores. Tolerances of ±.004 are standard, and tighter tolerances are possible.
Slitting can be produced in a clean room environment. Dedicated to following strict procedures, we ensure the highest level of quality from start to finish.


Q: What is precision slitting?

Precision slitting is the process of cutting a roll of material into specified lengths and widths.

Advantage Converting uses a variety of advanced precision slitting equipment and techniques that allow us to meet a wide range of specifications for size, shape, application, and volume needs. For example, we have precision slit ultra-thin copper (4-10 microns) for advanced lithium batteries as well as large master rolls of proprietary polymers — and everything in between.

Q: What materials can be slit?

A variety of materials can be slit. These materials include papers, films, foils, foams, adhesives, and nonwoven materials.

Advantage Converting leverages years of experience and expertise to evaluate the material and best match the slitting technique and process for the highest quality results.

Q: Can Advantage Converting meet ultra-narrow slitting width requirements?

While slitting specifications are very dependant on the raw material input, Advantage Converting has slit down to .020″ width on single-sided pressure-sensitive adhesives and films.

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